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At Now She's Living, we're dedicated to guiding you on a transformative path to self-mastery. Learn to reclaim your Light ✨, embrace your inner strength, connect with your feminine essence, and transcend limiting beliefs.

Step into your powerful, authentic self and become the creator of your destiny. Begin your journey of healing and empowerment today, guided by the principles rooted in the transformative

Heal Your Life® philosophies of Louise Hay.

Hi Goddess,

I'm Jeannette

Now She’s Living is my passion, my calling, and my mission. As a certified workshop leader and coach trained in the Heal Your Life® philosophies of Louise Hay, my deepest desire is to see you THRIVE. What started as a quest to heal my life became a passionate mission to help women everywhere do the same.

I’m here to guide you on a journey to self-love and empowerment.

I’ll teach you how to heal from the things holding you back and reclaim your Light ✨ so you can live empowered and learn to love yourself and your life unconditionally.

How to get started

Heal Your Life® Coaching

Transform Your Life. Embrace self-love, empowerment, and positive change.

Heal Your Life® Workshops

Based on the philosophies of Louise Hay these workshops are life changing.

The Goddess Hub

Your very own community to Grow, Heal and Awaken. Coming Soon!

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Oracle Card Messages

I love your passion and energy; you radiate LOVE. Your countenance SHINES! Your course is so well organized and flows perfectly; thank you for being such a good listener. I needed this workshop!

  • - Roxie Wright


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