I knew there was more to life, and I wasn't going to give up until I found out what that was.

- Jeannette


I'm Jeannette

I'm a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader And Coach in the philosophies of Louise Hay, as well as a She Recovers Coach.

And I'm here to help you discover how to love yourself and your life unconditionally. If you're feeling unfulfilled, stuck, or uncertain about your direction, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey. Together, we'll embark on a path to shift your mindset and outlook on life, empowering you to step boldly into a place of clarity and empowerment.

How it all started...

Crafting my path to wholeness. ✨

In 2017, I was living uninspired and frustrated. I was in survival mode but survival mode was no longer enough; I wanted to THRIVE! but I didn’t know how. One day, while reading Marianne Williamson’s

A Return to Love, I found the words that changed my life forever:

“The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and

the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self.”

Her words prompted a deep, soulful call toward healing and wholeness. I was ready for change, and I was ready to start fully living.

Unsure of how to heal, I turned to Divine guidance for help. Soon after, I found The Heal Your Life and She Recovers Certifications.
I dove in wholeheartedly, learning everything I could about healing my life, self love and recovery. Louise Hay says self-love is the cure, and I wanted to love myself whole again. Recovery is continuous path that we consciously choose every day. It is an amazing empowering journey that I hope you’ll take with me.

Get results like these

Jeannette is an excellent teacher.

She emanates such warmth and confidence, making you feel at ease .You can learn a lot from Jeannette. Thank you, much love

She was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made me feel comfortable when it was my turn to share with the group. She has so much passion for what she teaches, and it shows!

I recently attended a class where Jeannette taught about career, success and prosperity. She gave me such valuable tools, and I know I'll be able to use them daily to change my old patterns around not deserving.

Some fun facts about me...

I was born in Nicaragua, grew up in Panama, and at 21 moved to Canada where I currently reside.

I’m the mother of an amazing

18-year-old who has been singlehandedly revolutionizing my world since the day he was born.

2017 marked a pivotal year for me, the year I decided to change everything for the better.

One of my favorite sayings is by Louise Hay: "It's just a thought, and a thought can be changed."

I'm passionate about studying New Thought teachings, exploring the power of mind and Spirit.

For me, there's no place like home! I cherish my time spent in the comfort of my own space.


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